Forbearance Agreements

Has your business' revenue dropped? Looking for some relief on your payments? We are here to do the consulting for you. We will consult with companies such as MCAs, vendors and other lenders your business may owe money to.

Do you need some time to catch up on payments? We can find a way to pause your payments to get you back on track.

Has Covid-19 or another significant hardship resulted in a loss in revenue for your business? Forbearance Agreements also work with you during this situations.

Although these agreements won't reduce your principal balance, it will assist you in keeping your business' doors open. When things do settle down for you, we will work with you to lower your payments in an effort to make it more affordable to pay in the future.

Restructuring Agreements

Having a problem making your payments? Have you already fallen behind? Thats okay, restructuring will help you lower your payments in an effort to help keep your business alive.

Having a hard time getting MCAs to lower your payments? We can help! Although Merchant Cash Advance companies are contractually obligated to lower your payments if you can prove a decrease in revenue, we will still work to consult lower payments with most types of companies.

Although restructuring could wipe out fees and additional charges if you’ve defaulted, the main goal is to get you back onto payments to prevent further collection efforts from your creditors. We are here to help you stay on track with your payments, payments that you can now afford.

Lump Sum Settlements

Did you default on payments a while ago? We will work to consult lower payoff amounts for you resulting in saving you thousands of dollars from what you owe!

Lump Sum Settlements usually results in the most significant savings due to the one-time lump sum payoff. This is all without having to close your business or File Chapter 7.

Every case is different, which means every settlements result is different. However, we usually consult a substantial discount off the balances.

Our main priority is saving you as much money as possible.

Structured Settlements

Have you defaulted on payments but the Lump Sum Settlements doesn't work for you? Do you still want to get a discount on your owed amount? Structured Settlements is the best option for you.

We can work out a discount off of your owed balance as well as getting you additional time to pay the "structured settlement", the consulted amount.

By making the new required and affordable payments post agreement, you will be able to avoid collection efforts in the future. Once again our main goal is to save you as much money as possible.

We consider ourselves the Robin Hood of the industry. If you are struggling with MCA debt or just want to free up some much-needed cash flow, reach out today. Help is only a call or email away!

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"What is a Merchant Cash Advance?"

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is the purchase of anticipated business and/or credit card deposits from business in exchange for a lump-sum payment.

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