Our Approach

While all businesses are different, all of our clients are suffering hardships within their companies. Despite the reasoning behind the hardships, we are here to fight the battle alongside our clients to save their companies.

"We work to triage your business' situation, analyzing the payment that fits your situation and work with your creditors to change the payments structure to best fit you. After analyzing your business' cash flow, we consult with the funders on our client's behalf and leverage our industry knowledge and proven processes to get the funder paid what they purchased while mitigating the monetary strain on the business and their owner."


We will map out a long term plan to handle your business debt


We will handle everything so that your business can get back to bringing in revenue stress-free


With a long term plan, we will help to make sure the cash outlay for your business will be managed appropriately.

The First Step to Saving your Business Starts TODAY

Don't worry, you're not alone. So many of our clients are dealing with lack of cash flow. Because of the many payments to different advance companies, they lack money for daily business obligations.

Get the help you need before you have to miss a payment and get behind.

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Confession of Judgement

Have you missed a payment or two? Did you know this can result in a default of your agreement with your creditor company?

You don't want the creditor company to file a judgment against you or your company. This will happen if you sign a. COJ. Making payments will really become impossible for you as they will try to freeze your bank accounts.

Uniform Commercial Code Liens

Once your creditor company has convinced you to sign a COJ, they will file a UCC Lien. They will use this to freeze any receivables they can find, whether it be from merchant processors or customers.

Your customers will be told to pay the creditor company instead of paying your business because of the UCC Lien.

Personal Guarantees

Trying to figure out how to keep your business alive? Are you considering have to close your business for good just because you can't afford payments?

If you do this, the creditor company may be able to take from your own assets, all because you signed the COJ. Didn't sign the COJ? They can still sue you.

Let us help you prevent this from happening!


"What is a Merchant Cash Advance?"

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is the purchase of anticipated business and/or credit card deposits from business in exchange for a lump-sum payment.

MCA Debt Advisors, LLC

MCA Debt Advisors is a company that will help businesses mitigate their merchant financing debt. Our team of industry experts will work with your creditors to resolve your outstanding business debt.

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